Reports, Documents and Information

Here, you will find links to reports, documents and information that may affect the way you currently do business, plan for expansion, or develop new sites.

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General Plan

The General Plan establishes a comprehensive framework through which the City manages its growth and development to ensure it efficiently and effectively provides public facilities and services. With great public facilities and services, Clovis delivers and continually enhances a high quality of life and a desirable business climate, maintaining its position as the premier community of choice in the San Joaquin Valley.

The General Plan guides land use and development for the entire Clovis Planning Area and is expected to accommodate 80 years of growth. The City anticipates that the Plan will be reviewed and evaluated periodically, but that this General Plan will probably not need a comprehensive update until 2035.

Economic Development Strategy

The Economic Development Strategy is designed to lay the foundation for sustained economic growth and fiscal stability for the City of Clovis. The Fiscal Analysis of the City’s General Plan makes it clear that Clovis cannot continue “business as usual” if it is to be fiscally sustainable in the future.  We must reserve land for job generating uses, invest in economic development and provide for the development of destination retail centers in Clovis. The Strategy identifies the key areas of focus and action steps to work toward a sustainable future.

City of Clovis Specific Plans & Design Guidelines

Central Clovis Specific Plan
Shaw Avenue Corridor Plan
Old Town Design Guidelines
City of Clovis Development Code
Research & Technology Design Guidlines
Research & Technology Development Handbook