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We know that up-to-date information is a critical component of your site selection process and we’re confident in our ability to assist you in learning all you need to know Clovis. Read about our key industries, demographic data and the types of incentives available to your company.

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Site Selection Overview

Clovis offers great quality of life and a uniquely welcoming business community. LEARN MORE

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With competitive fee reductions and unparalleled support, doing business in Clovis is easy. LEARN MORE

Developable Sites and Impact Fees

Find developable properties and impact fees on Shaw and Herdon Avenues. LEARN MORE

Key Industry Overview

Key industries include health and wellness, agile manufacturing, information processing, tourism, water technology and education. LEARN MORE

Demographic Data

Learn why Clovis is the right place to locate your business through demographic data sets and facts. LEARN MORE 

Taxes & Incentives

There are a variety of incentives and programs for new and relocating businesses. LEARN MORE 

Business Success Stories

Read more about the businesses who have started, expanded and thrived in Clovis. LEARN MORE

Major Employers List

Read about some of the largest and most successful businesses in Clovis. LEARN MORE

Area Maps

Use our maps to learn more about City of Clovis and the surrounding region. LEARN MORE

General Plans

Read about the ambitious plan to take the City of Clovis through 2035.  LEARN MORE

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In 2014, the City of Clovis was ranked "The Best Cities for Job Seekers in California" by