Welcome to the City of Clovis Economic Development Department, where we are committed to supporting a thriving business community.  Whether you're an existing business within the City of Clovis, considering Clovis as a new home for your business, or interested in seeing everything that Clovis has to offer, the City of Clovis Economic Development Department welcomes you!

Welcome to Clovis
Clovis is a one-of-a-kind place to live, work, shop, and visit.
More than a Beautiful View
The City of Clovis was founded in 1912. Since that time, city leaders and citizens have made it clear that they understand the importance of the business community. Jobs, diverse businesses, a responsive municipal government, and a highly-qualified workforce makes Clovis the first choice to locate and operate a business in Central California. Of course, the views aren't bad either.
Clovis Means Business
What's in a name? Clovis means different things to different people. For citizens, Clovis means the highest quality of life in Central California; for visitors, Clovis means fun; and for those who choose us as a place for work, Clovis means business.
First Choice to Live Work and Play
Citizens of Clovis have known what a great place Clovis is for over 100 years. And now the rest of the world recognize it too. In 2014, Clovis was ranked as the #1 Best City to Raise a Family in California and in the top-20 Best Cities for Job Seekers.