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Local Business Resources in Clovis, CA

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Retention & Expansion Services

Our team is here to help both existing businesses in Clovis and those looking to expand in the area. LEARN MORE

Small Business Resources

Small businesses and grow and thrive in Clovis. LEARN MORE

Starting Your Business

Our team provides new businesses with the resources and support to thrive in Clovis. LEARN MORE 

Business Regulations 

Learn more about business regulations in Clovis and how to get your business started. LEARN MORE 

Higher Education & Research

Clovis and the surrounding area are rich in higher education and research institutions. LEARN MORE

General Plans

Read about the ambitious plan to take the City of Clovis through 2035.  LEARN MORE

Area Maps

Use our maps to learn more about City of Clovis and the surrounding region. LEARN MORE