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City of Clovis General Plan

Since the City’s incorporation over 100 years ago in 1912, Clovis remains a community that values its citizens, its way of life, and its future as a leader and innovator in the San Joaquin Valley. The City’s 2014 General Plan continues this tradition by building on the strengths of previous planning efforts, staying true to the community’s values and vision, and addressing future needs in a changing world.

This plan focuses on the preservation and enhancement of the existing Clovis community while allowing the continued development of three Urban Centers to ensure the long-term viability of the Clovis we know and love. The Urban Centers—key components that are carried forward from the1993 plan—are unique sub-communities of Clovis that enable the City to grow while maintaining authentic, small town character and overall livability.


The General Plan establishes a comprehensive framework through which the City manages its growth and development to ensure it efficiently and effectively provides public facilities and services. With great public facilities and services, Clovis delivers and continually enhances a high quality of life and a desirable business climate, maintaining its position as the premier community of choice in the San Joaquin Valley.

Great communities develop over time, and Clovis is no exception. In addition, great communities are the product of countless individual decisions by residents, businesses, investors, tourists, and organizations, as well as numerous collective decisions through elected and appointed officials and public sector staff. The purpose of the General Plan is to provide a common vision for the future of Clovis and to provide coordination for the many individual and collective decisions that, over time, will lead to the envisioned future.

The General Plan guides land use and development for the entire Clovis Planning Area and is expected to accommodate 80 years of growth. The City anticipates that the Plan will be reviewed and evaluated periodically, but that this General Plan will probably not need a comprehensive update until 2035.

The General Plan is comprised of eight topical elements and an overall Vision. Whereas the elements address a single topical issue, the Vision provides the common framework tying all of the General Plan together into a unified whole.

General Plan Elements

The elements establish the goals and policies relevant to land use, growth, and development for each topic. The goals and policies in each element are intended to provide a framework for municipal decision-making. Equally as important though, the City intends the goals and policies to guide and help inform decisions of those investing in Clovis—residents, businesses, and organizations. The specific elements are:

Land Use
Economic Development
Public Facilities and Services
Environmental Safety
Open Space and Conservation
Air Quality

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