Local Business Resources

Existing Business Services

The Economic Development Department is committed to addressing the needs of existing businesses in Clovis. We recognize the importance of our businesses and want to see them grow, expand and thrive. Our services include helping business owners overcome economic difficulties and assisting them with expansion. Other local services are provided by:

City of Clovis Business Regulations

Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with requirements for safety, promotions and other needs. MORE

Fresno State Small Business Development Center

The Fresno State Small Business Development Center on the campus of Fresno State University provides one-on-one business consulting, workshops, research, and online learning services. MORE

Valley Small Business Development Association TRAC

The Valley Small Business Development Association’s Technical Resource Assistance Center offers one-on-one counseling, technical assistance and workshops to help small business owners become “loan ready”. MORE

Fresno County EDC Business Expansion, Attraction and Retention

The Fresno County EDC’s Business Expansion, Attraction, and Retention (BEAR) Action Network program is designed to enhance the stability and growth of Fresno County’s existing companies by connecting them with specific resources, information, and services. MORE

Fresno Regional WDB Business Services Center

The Fresno Regional WDB Business Services Center has the tools, resources and expertise to help you find solutions that will benefit your business - all at no cost! MORE

Start-up and Entrepreneurial Programs

The Economic Development Department is committed to assisting in the creation of new business ideas in the City of Clovis. We offer concierge services to new businesses and a step-by-step guide for starting a business in Clovis.

Concierge Services

The City of Clovis understands that it can be difficult and confusing to navigate through the rules, regulation and paperwork that is sometimes required for growth and expansion. They City of Clovis has developed a Concierge Services Program that is designed to help guide you through the system. During this process, staff will assist you as much, or as little as you need. To discuss your project, please call Shawn Miller at (324) 2083.

Business Start-Up Guide

For a complete guide to starting your business in Clovis, CLICK HERE.

Tools for Business Success

The City of Clovis offers a complete business toolkit for new and existing businesses which offers advice on starting and growing a new business, hiring and managing employees, finding financing and more.

Business License
Filing a fictitious name statement
Small Business Development Center
Clovis Chamber of Commerce
Local business training

Local Loan Opportunities

Find employees: Local One-Step Career Center
Local promotion for tourism/hospitality
Cooperative Extenstion for Agriculture

Site Location Service

When you are ready to expand your business into a larger space, please check out a complet list of available property in Clovis. MORE

Business License Fee Rebate

Home-based businesses, with an existing business license, that move into a commercial space are qualified to receive a two-year business license fee waiver. For more information, please call Shawn Miller at (559) 324-2083.