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  • Tuesday, April 05, 2016
    City of Clovis Holding Urban Design Contest to Revitalize Old Town
    CLOVIS, Calif. (KFSN)  --
    Piece by Piece the City of Clovis officials are working to beautify Old Town Clovis.
    “We’re looking for anybody who wants to showcase who they are in the community,” said Dwight Kroll, City of Clovis.

    In a first of its kind urban design contest, the Taking it to the Streets Festival is aimed at creating a space for people to interact with each other in parklets.

    “Basically, a parklet is taking a parking space out of play and creating a human space,” said Kroll.

    The two-day event will feature 20 parking spaces, turned parklets, spread throughout the streets of Old Town Clovis. The heart of the festival is at Centennial Plaza.

    Hammering home the message of Clovis pride, the city’s planning development services has started a team.

    “Building the parklet for us is a team building exercise. We do city projects – this is a fun project where we have a lot of people getting to use their talent that they aren’t able to use at work,” said Bryan Araki, City Planner.

    Araki said it’s more than just team building. Parklets are already permanent fixtures in New York and San Francisco. Something we could see in Clovis.

    “We want to see how the public interacts with these, how merchants benefit or don’t benefit, and we need to understand that,” said Araki.

    The Taking it to the Streets contest runs May 14th and 15th. If you’re interested in signing up for the design contest or more information click here.

    By Vanessa Vasconcelos