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  • Wednesday, March 01, 2017
    Clovis logo gets a new look

    Bronco Billy is getting a makeover.

    The City of Clovis logo — yes, the cowboy astride a bucking bronco is affectionately known as Bronco Billy — has been redesigned, and is slowly being rolled out.

    It’s one of three new logos the city has adopted — the others to be used in Old Town and in Heritage Grove, the new northwest urban village under development, said City of Clovis planning director Dwight Kroll.

    The logos were designed by Seattle-based Bruce Hale, of Bruce Hale Design. The graphic artist has done work for prominent brands such as Eddie Bauer, Harry & David and Land O’ Lakes. He’s also done work for Clovis-based P-R Farms, his initial connection to the city.

    “They (P-R Farms) had actually developed the logo and the name Heritage Grove as part of their work,” Kroll said. “They offered the logo and the name for exclusive use in that area, and that was the start.”


    During the development of the Heritage Grove logo, he added, city officials began to discuss updating the City of Clovis logo as well as developing an official logo for Old Town.

    “The city logo has been around ... since the mid-70s,” he said. “We talked to Bruce Hale about refreshing the city logo because we’re a little bit of a different community than we were in 1975. It’s still a bronco logo, but it’s a little more updated.”

    “The new logo is really a revitalization of what was the existing logo. Clovis is unusual in the way of a city in that it has a distinct heritage that is still relevant. We didn’t want to abandon the identity that was already in place. What I did was shift it to become more of a symbol than an illustration, to make it a more contemporary image,” said Hale, who describes his style as “a contemporary version of traditional.”

    One new addition: a gold star above the horse’s head. It represents the city’s support for its veterans and, in particular, acknowledges those lost in combat. “There are not many cities that have that at the forefront,” Hale said.


    The Old Town logo, on the other hand, is entirely new. “Old Town never really had an established logo,” Kroll explained. “Sometimes the light fixtures have been used as a logo — that you can see on our water tower — but that never got officially adopted. We recently updated the specific plan that is going to guide the future of Old Town and we thought, as part of that program, it would be good to come up with a specific logo that could be used in a variety of ways.”

    The new Old Town logo, which depicts a single lantern-like light fixture, pays tribute to the water tower.

    “The goal was to make it a stronger symbol, and to also move it away from being Victorian because Old Town is not really a Victorian-based architecture,” Hale explained.

    It has broad applications for the entire Old Town area, said Kroll.


    First and foremost, he said, it will be seen on signage for Old Town’s new parking program.

    “Old towns like Clovis were not created for cars,” Kroll said. “Unlike a shopping center where you have parking fields right near your business, it’s a little bit different. I don’t think there’s anything greater than two blocks between a business and a parking lot, but sometimes they’re difficult to find.”

    The new signs, he said, will direct visitors to those public lots.

    Beyond the parking program, the logo might be used on anything from other Old Town signage to stickers and T-shirts. A special version of the logo, specific to members of the Business Organization of Old Town (B.O.O.T.), was also created. Member businesses might display it in their windows, Kroll said.

    The new logos, he added, “really represent Clovis. It’s respectful of our legacy. We’re not turning our back on who we were for the last 100 years, but we also think it represents the elegance of the community Clovis is becoming.”

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