Strategic Advantages

Harness Unique Opportunity in Clovis, CA

Located midway between Los Angeles and San Francisco and less than three hours from the coast, Clovis, California is a strategically located business destination. Couple that with the city’s great quality of life and supportive business community and you have a recipe for success.

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Clovis Advantages

Clovis offers great quality of life and a uniquely welcoming business community. LEARN MORE

Business Environment

With competitive fee reductions and unparalleled support, doing business in Clovis is easy. LEARN MORE

Transportation & Infrastructure

Clovis offers a variety of site options with easy access to the rest of California and the West Coast. LEARN MORE

Taxes  & Incentives

There are a variety of incentives and programs for new and relocating businesses. LEARN MORE 


Clovis boasts the highest education attainment and annual salaries in the region and the area offers several programs that provide customized training to ready the workforce for employer needs.  LEARN MORE

Living Here

Quality schools, great parks and safe neighborhoods are all parts of what makes Clovis a great place to live. LEARN MORE

Business Success Stories

Read more about the businesses who have started, expanded and thrived in Clovis. LEARN MORE

Shovel Ready Sites

Clovis has a number of development sites ready for the growth of your business. LEARN MORE

Area Maps

Use our maps to learn more about City of Clovis and the surrounding region. LEARN MORE