Strategic Advantages

Workforce & Talent in Clovis, CA

Clovis boasts a low unemployment rate (lower than City of Fresno and Fresno County) and a highly educated, capable and willing workforce. There are 47,541 employed citizens over age 16 within the City of Clovis.

The area is home to strong education assets both at the K-12 and Higher Education level, including Fresno State University and State Center Community College District (the District includes five campuses). The city’s Economic Development Department and local resources supplement these educational opportunities with workforce training.

The City of Clovis strives to make sure that every individual has access to training and education that will prepare them for a lifetime of success. This is why the City works with, and supports these organizations:

With 100 years of excellence, California State University, Fresno starts its second century on the cusp of new beginnings and opportunities. Today, Fresno State is leading the way in Central California through innovation and by inspiring students to think on higher levels and pursue their dreams.